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Hey, guys, welcome back to a new session at Utica. My name is veggie hot, and this session will be learning something pretty engaging in Django.

which is web development using python, so before we begin, make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to stay updated with all the latest.

and Utica articles coming back towards the session let’s take a quick look at all that’s in store over here for you guys to begin with we should first cover.

Some basics about python, and then we should look at white python is used for web development. Following this, we should look at some of the critical five double up and libraries offering books off by touch in today’s session.



Python Web Development

I’ll be using the jangle free invoke to develop a sample website so let’s look at what the attractive combination of python and Django offers us. After that, we should move on straight away to install Django, and finally, I’ll be showing you all how to create a sample website from scratch of Django.

So I hope everyone skill with this, so now let’s move on to the first topic of the session to brush up a few basics about python guys.

The ton is an independent high-level language that can be treated in an object-oriented sequential order procedural Mina. It also provides high-level built-in data structures.

Which are merged with dynamic typing and dynamic binding semantics that make it very attractive for application development.

Web development is nothing of Django but developing that sites that the internet can host vary from simple to complex websites, such as G. Facebook except truck.Now that we’ve covered the basics of python let’s move on and see why python is used for the development guys. Python allows you to build web applications dynamically. It’s a very stable language it also grants. You used to create multi-protocol network applications fact of python being flexible easy to use.

It’s quick processing of just a few reasons to mention for its what in web development now that I’ve explained about the features of python.

let’s take a walk through some of the libraries that by 10 provides for web development guys by 10 offers several libraries of Django for the development some of the important ones are cherry pie jangle rectify betterment double gas and flask among these in today’s session I’ll be using the Django frame book.

So now you all might be wondering why Django and why not any other liability Django is genuinely the best Python library for web development. It said it didn’t lead in python.

It’s fast. You can create websites within a matter of a few oz. It’s fully loaded with all the necessary tools to create websites.

It’s very secure B. do you your Dropbox, Google, or Instagram ? All these internet giants rely on Django, so with this, I think I’ve given you enough for why I’ve chosen dangle over the other liabilities. rOkay.

So guys, now let’s move on to see how to install Django. Before installing Django, you have to install python on your P.C.’s. To do that, you can go to the official bite on that site and downloaded it from that. I’ll show you guys shortly how to do the same after downloading python; you have to finish its installation and setup process.

Web Development Using Django

Web Development Using Django

Web Development Using Django

Following that, I’ll be showing you all how to set the fight on home video, but this is done to make your I. D. E. look for python as to where.

It’s installed on your P.C. After that. You have to download by Tom and install the same on your P.C. Finally. You have to open the by Tom dominant in Django and use the, and install Django okay.

so now let me go on to the browser and show you all how to download by time. As you can see on the screen, this is the official python website where you can download by the thought if you’re using a Windows platform to download python using this option over here.

If you’re using my Kleenex or any other operating system, you can use the corresponding options. Once the download is completed, you will have to finish with the setup.

Since I’ve already installed it over here, it does not give me an install option. It just gives me a chance to modify the bed uninstalls this.

Okay, so often installing this on your P.C go to the advanced system settings. Choose the option of environment variables.

Of your chose the new option and gave the name as by Tom _ home. For the value of this value, you have to copy the pot of red python that has been installed Django on your P.C.

Defined by Tom has been installed on your P.C. just thoughts for python and right-click on the same create your websites.

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Web Development Using Django

Web Development Using Django

Is Django good for web development ?

Okay, so to create a website, all I’m going to do is create an app and my demo project.

I just went on the control to my dominant using power see, and of your, I’ve created a new app within my project. Please make a note, guys, that one project can have any number of apps, which means you can include any number of apps within your project to clear up to Django.

I used to see him come on, but just by 10 minutes, don’t be correct, and instead of running so well, I used the stock act come to mind.

I don’t give a name to my app. Let me share the reputation as a demo app. So now an app has been created within my project. Let me open this up to show you what’s present within this demo app, so like how dangal had designed files for us within our project, and we created a new app jungle has made the necessary files photos.

So this is what Django does. It drives all the necessary cord, and all you have to do is write your website specific courts and modify the files that are present in Django .

idea 15 as per your choice the first file that I’m going to open up your is views.B. by and as you can see over your Django has already imported Randall for me no I want to use the HTTP response function so I you was from jangle.

HTTP. Import HTTP response. Please be careful with the spellings, guys. Within this file, I create a new function using the D. F. keyboard, and I’ll give the name of the process as high to this function I bought that one part of me does, which is request. Within this function, I just tried wanted on the statement.

I am using the HTTP response function. I want this function. Did it do a message saying that this is the home page of my website? I just put it as a string of Django, and I use the H. one died for this. This is my home page. And I’ll close the H. one tags.

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Dogecoin Explained

How do you create a website using Python and Django ?

Slash H. one. So as you can see over your by, John has highlighted this line because I’m using the HTTP response function. The first line of my code is not stressed because I’m not using that window function any of it as of now; I’ll not be using that in the process; however, I’ll be showing you how to use this later on, okay no, I’ve created views for my project.

But I will not be able to connect this file to the U.I don’t start B.Y, which is present in the demo app to communicate if you start B. why did this to Django ? You ought to start B.Y.I have to create another U.I. don’t start to be right within the demo app directory and connect that to you; I don’t begin to be light. Do you want us to be light in the demo project? Please don’t get confused, guys, I’d be doing.

It over here, and the video will be available after this. If you have any doubts, you can go through it again. So I create a new file within the sap. It’s going to be a Biden file.

I’ll give the name as you are. Let’s start by. And I’ll say okay. This Debbie white is very similar to the U. I don’t stuff B. vibe.

Which is present in the demo project site open the U. I don’t be present at the demo project directory.

And I’ll copy the statement which is from Django. You auto imports pot and the U. I don’t buy it on the list I copy this, and I’ll do you want us to be if of Django I present in my app, and that’s B. S. W.. No over here since I want to map the view will start B. right into this you want to begin B.Y…

What I’m going to do is you were from. This means from the cut in the directory—import views. And then you what else by done I do not want this admin box, so I remove this. And I believe the name is blank.

Is Python and Django enough for Web development ?

Because I want this to be mapped to my home page and of your, I use view was. Hi, it is the name of my function. I don’t give a name to the spot. You can give any name of your choice. Let me share the title as homepage home – P.H.

Okay, so often this what I have to do is map this you ought to start B. right do you want to begin to B. Y., which is present in the demo app side, open the U. autumn stuff B. Y. present in the demo app, and of your, I’ll create a new pot. And I’ll give an empty string because I wanted to be mapped to my home base like I already told you all O.

Saudi guys, I have to import the include functional soul from Django, don’t you? I don’t I’d import the include function. I know you in Django, I’m going to use the include function. I would map the waters by present in my demo app. And I’ll close this. So often, this let me go to my dominant and use python minded start B. vai run so well. I just made a name mystic. There are demo apps.

Okay, so I think N. C. O. U. R. has it done the I. P. address again I’ve taken this I. P. address. Instead of the rocket we saw previously, which was the default page, my website displays what I want it to say, so this was the message I wanted to say on my home page.

It shows that this is my home page .your but then head I’m going to use the style thank. And within the stack, I’ll specify what border I want for my debit. Let me see if this and reload my page. So as you can see, all your guys, I included the style tag and specified what kind of border.

Django worth learning in 2021 ?

I want so the same day on my cell, but yard a table has been created with the specified style. To know more about HTML and learn Django how to make beautiful websites, you can go to the boat stopped that site. I’m from here, but you can take any code that you want for your website, so I’ll show you what happens.

When you use this, let me use the style from the bootstrap, and it should be present within the head, so just pasted over here. Let me see if this. I will back to my sober.

I reload this page. As you can see, all your guys are using the tiny bit of cord present on the bootstrap website. My website looks so much better than what it was looking like before this. You can use this bootstrap website to create your beautiful websites. Okay, some of this we come towards the end of our project.


I hope you feel better. All that’s been covered in the session; if you have any queries or suggestions, please do let me know in the comments section in Django, and I will revert to you at the earliest goodbye and take it. I hope you have enjoyed listening to this article.

Please be kind enough to like it, and you can comment on any of your doubts and worries, and we will reply to them at the earliest do lookout for more videos in our playlist and subscribe to any recorded channel to learn more happy learning.

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