By | June 9, 2021
Pride Month के दौरान Google ने अपने Doodle के जरिए Frank Kameny के संघर्षों को किया याद

Today, June 2, Google’s special Google is dedicated to American activist Frank Kameny. Frank Kameni was actually gay, which made him considered a blot on society. Not only this, he was also fired for his homosexuality. But Frank Kameni didn’t think it was right to hide his identity for fear of society. Then what… Then the thinking of society and the fight for gay rights began.

After many years, homosexuality is now recognized in many countries. In view of this, the month of June is celebrated as Pride Month, in which gay people are made proud of themselves.

In addition, people who support homosexuality organize many programs from place to place to spread awareness. In such a situation Frank Kameni, who played an important role in recognizing homosexuality at the beginning of this special month, has been commemorated by Google.

Google has remembered Frank Kameny’s achievements and struggles through its special doodle. As soon as you open Google today to do some searching, you will see Frank Kameni’s doodle. Clicking on the doodle will take you to several articles written about him and Wikipedia pages, which you can access to read about his struggles and achievements.

According to the information received on the Internet, Frank Kameni was born on May 21, 1925 in New York. He was educated at such institutions as Richmond Hill High School, Harvard University, Queens College, City University of New York. In 1957, Frank Kameni joined the Army Map Service as a US government astronomer, but was later fired.

The reason was that he was gay. At the time, countries like America also viewed homosexuality as a stigma on society, but Frank Kamenei didn’t think it right to hide his identity for fear of society. Frank Kameni took the first step in his struggle with the thinking of this society and went to the US Supreme Court. He also organized protests for gay rights outside the White House in 1960. This was the first gay rights protest in America.

Gradually, many more people joined, after which the American government finally had to bow to Frank Kamenei.

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